Furnace, SC, DS (Melting and Casting Furnaces)

Furnace for making SC (single crystal) and DS (directionally solidified) turbine blades.
Inductotherm Corp.
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Inductotherm Corp.

Leading Manufacturers of Melting, Thermal Processing and Production Systems for the Metals and Materials Industry Worldwide.
10 Indel Ave. P.O. Box 157 Rancocas, New Jersey 08073 United States
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Phone 724x-249x-4655
Inteco Melting and Casting Technologies GmbH
Wienerstrasse 25 Bruck a.d. Mur, 8600 Austria
Phone 43 3862 53110 0
Western Superconducting Technologies Co., Ltd.MemberPremier
12, MingGuang Road Xian, 710021 China
Phone 86x-29x-8651x-4505
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