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5 bis avenue Georges Bataille
BP 70

Your solution for aerospace raw materials

The nature of our business requires great professionalism. At PSD AERO, It applies through our quality management system that meets the standards and requirements for distributors in aeronautics to ensure safety and quality.

Our Quality Management System meets the IAQG’s 9100 series requirement.

It is certified according to the standard EN9120 by Bureau Veritas and our certification is registered in the OASIS database.

The application of these standards requires an expertise and vigilance regarding quality, safety and environmental protection. PSD AERO encourages team spirit and endeavors to provide its employees the conditions for the execution of their tasks and their professional development.

The values of PSD AERO contribute to the company's economic performance with respect for people, environment and regulation, and aim to meet the stakeholders expectations now and in the future.

Proof of the development of PSD AERO, its durability and therefore its ability to meet its commitments vis-à-vis its stakeholders commitments, customer satisfaction mobilizes all resources and skills of PSD AERO.

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PSD AERO | 5 bis avenue Georges Bataille BP 70 LE PLESSIS , BELLEVILLE CEDEX 60330 France | + 33 3 44 60 71 55
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