Quebec Metallurgy Center

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3095 Westinghouse
Trois Rivieres, Quebec G9A 5E1
Quebec Metallurgy Center
The Quebec Metallurgy Center is a technology transfer center located in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Our activities focus on supporting the technological development of manufacturing companies in the metallurgical sector. CMQ has developed a broad expertise on the transformation and development of advanced alloys such as titanium, zirconium, aluminum and nickel. Our semi-industrial metalworking facility is equipped for short series production with controlled atmosphere casting, vacuum induction skull melting and plasma arc melting; permanent mold, shell mold and sand mold casting; welding, thermal spraying, heat treating, hot isostatic pressing, additive manufacturing and non destructive testing

Gheorghe Marin eng., General Manager ext. 5024
Nicolas Giguère, Ph.D., eng., Manager Advanced Alloys ext. 5025
Franco Chiesa, Ph.D., Scientific Manager ext 5030

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Quebec Metallurgy Center | 3095 Westinghouse Trois Rivieres, Quebec G9A 5E1 Canada | 819x-376x-8707
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