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PO Box 307
Helena, Alabama 35080
United States
Mid-West Machine

Mid-West Machine™ Metal Conditioning Equipment
Mid-West Machine™ is a product of Vulcan Engineering Co. and offers metal conditioning systems from machines like Traveling and Stationary grinders to entire systems including Arcillary Equipment such as: rounds, rotators, and other material handling equipment.

Our specialty is steel conditioning, utilizing customized systems that are built to the individual needs of steel mills, forge shops, and titanium producers. The capability to grind any size or shape within the limits of the horizontal and vertical travel of the grinding head, combined with our cantilevered boom arrangement, provide the flexibility required for job shop operations without sacrificing the productivity necessary for high-tonnage applications.

Specifically designed for ease of maintenance and operation, Mid-West Machine™ grinders feature outstanding visibility of the work area from the environmentally controlled operator’s cab. A complete line of manipulators, slab turners, rotators, conveyors and other material handling equipment make Mid-West Machine™ equipment the most versatile metal conditioning systems available today.

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Visit our website: vulcaneng.co/Mid-WestMachine-ITA
Mid-West Machine | PO Box 307 Helena, Alabama 35080 United States | 205x-663x-0732
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