ELG Utica Alloys, Inc.

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378 Gros Blvd., Suite 3
Herkimer, New York 13350
United States
ELG Utica Alloys, Inc.

Our Commitment to Precision... Our Unparalleled Financial Stability... Our Promise of Excellence.

ELG Utica Alloys, Inc., established in 1965, has become a leading partner in the complex superalloys and titanium recycling market segment both of which are used in some of the world's most technically demanding industries and applications including:
  • Aerospace
  • Environmental
  • Chemical Processing
  • Petroleum
  • Power Generation
  • Medical
ELG Utica Alloys' core business is the servicing of industrial accounts that manufacture superalloys and Titanium, the buying and selling of nickel, cobalt, chromium, titanium molybdenum, tungsten and niobium bearing complex alloy scrap from these manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

ELG Utica Alloys,Inc., A Unique Combination of Services
  • Complete Revert Management Programs for a company's total revert stream including superalloys, and Titanium.
  • Revert Management Partnerships.
  • Computerized charge makeup programs and inventory control.
  • Toll processing.
  • On site personnel to manage or handle a company's scrap stream.
  • In-house laboratory capable of elemental analysis to less than one part per million.
  • On-site scrap processing equipment where justified.
  • Certified destruction of life-limited parts including on-site mutilation.
ELG Utica Alloys, Inc., maintains a thorough and tested quality control manual that is continually updated and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

ELG Utica Alloys, Inc., is proud to have ongoing relationships with all major melters, forgers and manufacturers world wide.

Visit our website: www.elguticaalloys.com
ELG Utica Alloys, Inc. | 378 Gros Blvd., Suite 3 Herkimer, New York 13350 United States | 315x-733x-0475
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