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220 Old West Penn Ave
Robesonia, Pennsylvania 19551
United States
AMETEK - Reading Alloys
Leadership. Innovation. Performance.
A global leader in the design, development and production of master alloys and advanced engineered materials, Reading Alloys creates new, high-performance products from premium raw materials. Recognized as a leading supplier for applications where ultimate quality is critical, our high-purity alloys are manufactured in accordance with a certified ISO 9001/AS 9100 quality management system and tested by a Nadcap accredited analytical laboratory.

Progressive Manufacturing Processes

Reading Alloys is known for its superior expertise in aluminothermic smelting, induction melting, vacuum sintering, and metal powder production. Additional investments in advanced hydride / dehydride equipment support Reading Alloys' expansion into progressive technologies to meet present and future market requirements.

Advanced Applications
We are a preferred supplier for producers of high quality titanium and super alloy mill products that are used in aerospace and aircraft applications. We supply more than 60 standard alloy formulations in a wide range of sizes as well as tailored products to individual customer requirements. Reading Alloys also supplies high-purity metal powders for the military, medical, electronic, semiconductor, sputtering target and powder metallurgy markets.

A Tradition of Excellence

Reading Alloys was founded in 1953 on the principles of excellence in applied metallurgical research and development. We have always been driven by a commitment to research and technical expertise. Our adherence to our founding goals has enabled us to offer our customers a flexible range of technical options and R&D partnerships to meet the most demanding product requirements. This commitment has driven Reading Alloys to its current standing as a world leader in high-purity materials and technically advanced manufacturing and quality control processes.

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AMETEK - Reading Alloys | 220 Old West Penn Ave Robesonia, Pennsylvania 19551 United States | 610x-693x-5822
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