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17 rue des Frères Lumière
Chassieu , 69680
ACNIS International - Villeurbanne-Lyon, France

ACNIS International is a major stockist and distributor of a wide array of semi-finished products in titanium and titanium alloys for all kinds of applications.

ACNIS International is also a leader in the storage and distribution of materials for orthopedic implants and for the corresponding surgical instrumentation. Apart from titanium, we offer stainless steels, cobalt chromium, special steels and plastics.

ACNIS International offers you an elaborated Service Center :
  • A short lead time thanks to an important stock (500 tons in constant turnover on a 3000 m² surface),
  • Deliveries in small, medium or important quantities,
  • Custom cut pieces on request ,
  • A quality complying with the ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN 9120. certifications,
  • Products from suppliers of world renown,
  • The acquisition of your surplus stocks and scraps.

ACNIS International is a leading stockholder of titanium semi-finished products and high performance materials for aerospace, medical and industrial applications.From its three service centers – Lyon (France), São Paulo (Brazil), Shanghai (China) – ACNIS distributes worldwide a wide range of titanium grades and forms.

ACNIS also offers several types of stainless steels and cobalt based alloys for aerospace and medical applications:

  • Custom 455®
  • Custom 465®
  •  316LVM
  • Rex 734®
  • 17-4PH, 15-5PH
  • TrimRite®
  • CoCrMo
  • MP35N®

ACNIS International is your every-day partner for your urgent and short term requirements, as well as medium and long term provisional needs, delivered on demand to you.

Visit our website:
ACNIS International - Villeurbanne-Lyon, France | 17 rue des Frères Lumière  Chassieu , 69680  France | 3x-347x-214x-5500
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